Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Gentleman in Bangkok

The Bangkok Sartoria is every man's textbook to being a gentleman. A blog created in 2008, Bangkok Satoria is an archive of fine gentlemen's clothing, with topics that cover men's suits, shirts, cuff links, and even handkerchiefs! But what caught my eye was the Tailoring Tour service offered by the blogger. Below are the details of the tour which includes a visit to the fabric market, a guide through the tailoring process, and maybe a visit to a custom shoe making shop!

Basically this tour consists of the following service:
  1. Meet at a convenient location (skytrain, your hotel, etc.)
  2. Taking you to the wholesale market for high quality fabrics (the savings generally pay for the cost of the tour several times over). In this place you will find rare and precious materials that will be very expensive elsewhere such as 160/2 ply Egyptian cotton, Super 100-120s Italian Wool from Vitale Barbaris Canonico, and other mixed wool fabrics suitable for machine wash.
  3. Taking you to a reputable tailor of your choice according to your budget.
  4. Guiding you through the process of tailoring and giving consultations on style and looks.
  5. If time allows, I will bring you to a custom shoe making shop where you can show a picture of the shoes that you may have always wanted but may be too expensive and they will duplicate it for you, at very low prices.
Who is this service for? For more info, please visit Bangkok Sartoria

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