Monday, December 29, 2008

Maison Martin Margiela

Barbed Wire Necklace

Barbed Wire Ring

Nail Cuff

Nail Ring

High-Top Sneaker, Lime

Confetti Replica Running Shoe

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

"R&B is stupid"

Santi White (born September 25, 1976), better known by her stage name Santogold, is an Americansongwriter, producer, and singer. Her eponymous debut album Santogold was released in 2008.

Santi has toured with M.I.A, Björk, and Architecture in Helsinki. In June 2008, Coldplay announced that Santogold would be their opening act for most of the stops on the North American leg of their Viva la Vida Tour. Santogold embarked on her first headlining tour in September and October 2008. The Goldrush Tour After the tour's completion, Santogold supported Jay-Z and Kanye West Additionally, Santogold supported The Streets at BBC's Electric Proms, and she performed at certain dates of Beastie Boys' Get Out and Vote '08 tour.

White's style has been compared often to that of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, M.I.A and Missing Persons. White said of the M.I.A comparison that they are both women who have similar influences and have worked with some of the same people," but that her "music is different and she wasn't influenced by what the press was saying", adding "I can't think of anybody who would be a better fit of somebody who I'm like... I think what's accurate about that comparison is that she's an artist who has loads of different influences... and is putting things together in a way that's unexpected and genreless." Some of Santogold's material has been compared to that of the Pixies, whom Santogold herself has cited as an influence. Santogold has also said that she is inspired by 1980s pop music. "I felt that a lot of pop music from the '80s had a depth to it, and I hope to bring back some more good pop songs." White also stated her liking for New Wave and added that "My Superman" is based on a Siouxsie & the Banshees's song, "Red Light". The singer also cites Blondie, Grace Jones, Devo, Fela Kuti, James Brown, Aretha Franklin and reggae whom she describes as her "ultimate favorite band" music as influences. In a May 2008 interview, White stated that critics and online music vendors were labeling her music as hip hop, rap and R&B because she is black, saying that that was racist. "Everyone is just so shocked that I don't like R&B. Are you shocked that Good Charlotte isn't into R&B? Why does R&B keep coming into my interviews? It's pissing me off. I didn't grow up as a big fan of R&B and, like, what is the big shocker? It's stupid."

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